Easy Weeknight Dinners for Family


easy weeknight dinners for family

Easy Weeknight Dinners are a requirement when you’ve got a busy family. Make meal planning a breeze with these quick and straightforward family meals. They use minimal, common ingredients and most are ready in but 30 minutes!


Back to high school looming, many parents are beginning to tense up brooding about how busy their lives are close to becoming again. Summer freedoms are waning, and nights will soon be crammed with homework and clubs and sports. It is often a frightening task to only believe getting dinner on the table for your family, much less actually doing it. So how about I offer you a hand with that? Here are some delicious and straightforward weeknight meals that are simple to organize and don’t take plenty of your time. And they’re all kid and parent-approved!


I’ve put tons of thought into this curated list of straightforward and straightforward weeknight dinners. Family meals in our home generally got to meet certain criteria because we just don’t have time for fancy. There are a couple of exceptions to the rule, but generally the dinners I cook for my family on busy weeknights have 3 things in common.

Easy – Recipes have but 10 ingredients, not including common things like butter or oil, salt, and pepper.
Fast – Time is not always on my side so my meals need to be quick; 30 minutes or less, unless it’s a slow cooker recipe.
Simple – My meals use common ingredients that you simply might have already got in your pantry. Or belongings you can easily find at your local grocery.

Between packing school lunches, going to and from soccer practice, and, oh yeah, that job you’ve got, it is often seriously challenging to urge a replacement satisfying and healthy dinner on the table each night. Your best bet against weeknight dinner stress: This arsenal of our favorite quick and straightforward family meals, all able to satisfy everyone at the table—even the youngsters.

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